Winter has come.

     Every winter from now will be another winter into night.     
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 January 24, 2021

It's Coming

January 15, 2021
Everything is still fake. November 27, 2020 Come, let us make a hell of our own, and see how long we can bear it. November 27, 2020
I have forgotten how to be me. October 31, 2020
Happy Halloween
October 25, 2020
October 26, 2020 I've still got two good arms...That I can beat myself up with. October 25, 2020
October 23, 2020 All we are is what can be expressed within the confines of our small wit--nobody likes long jokes. October 14, 2020
October 14, 2020 Staring into the abyss, the abyss stares back. October 12, 2020
A Thanksgiving greeting. Meet Foulbones.
October 11, 2020
October 11, 2020
October 8, 2020
October 7, 2020
October 7, 2020
October 7, 2020 RSS makes more sense now than ever. No ads. Bypass paywalls. For macOS: NetNewsWire October 7, 2020
October 6, 2020 Pin I saw on Amazon. I am in no way affiliated. Loner Life Pin
October 6, 2020
Not special. Broken.
October 6, 2020
October 5, 2020 Restart apple screen sharing via SSH. New macOS: sudo launchctl kill KILL system/ Older macOS: sudo launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ October 5, 2020 The Jellyist hobo.
New button added: INVALID HTML WHO CARES October 4, 2020 I don't like change. June 17, 2020 Easily export Safari 11 and 12 passwords to CSV. Converter Suite May 17, 2020 Web Safe Colors were always enough.
May 10, 2020 16 Color VGA was always enough.
May 5, 2020 MacOS Web Colors were always enough.
May 3, 2020 Website: Fixed font-sensitivity issues and some graphical issues. April 30, 2020 I created an app to setup a RAM disk in macOS. You may need the 'SetFile' command. Install by opening a terminal and running xcode-select --install Mount Ram I created an app to remove FileVault recovery keys. If you get an error saying error:unable to remove key it means the keys arent there already. FileVault Remove Recovery Keys More Information Recent updates on Classic Mac software and support. Links to interesting resources. Mac OS Today April 29, 2020 Some old programs I wrote in 2003 for my PPC PowerMacs: XClaim Enabler for PPC PowerMacs This application enables support in Panther for ATI XClaim video cards which do not normally work. It works by making Panther load the NDRV driver on the video card rom. It may or may not work for you. Please note there are issues with this fix. It doesn't appear to work with XClaim VR cards. Be sure to write down the following should you get in trouble! To fix the patch if you get stuck: You can undo this by power cycling the machine and holding down command-option-OF which will drop you into the openfirmware prompt. Then type setenv boot-args="" and then mac-boot mac-boot may not work, and if it does not. just hit the reset button and let the machine reboot. The boot-args setting will still be intact even across the reset, or a power cycle. XClaim Enabler Verbosity for PPC PowerMacs This applications allows the enabling and disabling of verbose startup. Verbosity January 4, 2020 Happy New Year! Two colors were always enough.

July 30, 2019 Displex. This stuff works great on LCD monitors. Plastics only. **WARNING** Appears to remove anti-glare and other screen coatings. Still better than a gouge, paint, or scratch, but don't expect miracles. July 23, 2019 New macOS 10+ gopher clients: GILD Terminal Gopher Client Little Gopher Client Reverted to System 6 theme. TeamGroup Gold 1TB SSD Icon for macOS Screenshot Oldschool Hitcounter is no longer an inefficient PHP script. July 22, 2019 Text only news available via GOPHER here: (Netscape 3 on Classic is probably the best Gopher browser on 68K and PPC Macs.) Netscape 3 68k and PPC HTTPS Info GOPHER GOPHER PROXY June 11, 2019 I made a window decorator for Linux MATE desktop that mimics the Amiga Workbench 3.1 look. You must also install dconf-editor and edit the marco config from dconf-editor and set window gadgets to c:m. Amiga MATE window decoration theme. Screenshot May 28, 2019 Reverted to Feb 19 setup. February 15, 2019 Reverted to Amiga OS 3.1 theme. Set window to 80ch wide. Text content is 72ch wide. Novermber 14, 2018 Discontinued gopher server. Modified site look and feel. September 14, 2018 Reverted to old style and System 6 theme. August 3, 2018 Readability and navigation updates. Web version: Everything seems to work in Mac OS 9 Classilla. Overwhelms System 7 Netscape. August 2, 2018 Welcome to the Bean Pit:
August 2, 2018 Tons of gopher info: Gopher Information Make Gopher Great Again:
August 1, 2018 The web version is now more Classic friendly. Tested in SheepShaver. July 31, 2018 Hypercard stacks and authoring is now on the Internet Archive. Hypercard, Stacks, and More 128k Mac art "512x342 was always enough":
July 30, 2018 New System 6 theme for the web rendering of this gopher hole. Also added a new retro-web button for 'Classic Mac Compatible'. Here is a screenshot:
Hackintosh art I made a long time ago, altered for this gopherhole:
July 29, 2018 Hackintosh tips: Fix random freezing in 10.13. Try this if you use SSDs, especially the Crucial brand. - In BIOS, make sure Agressive Link Power Management is disabled. - In macOS terminal, disable trim by using this command: $sudo trimforce disable Art of disk fridge magnet I made:
Some Gopher history stuff: Gopher documentary. (YouTube) Rise and Fall of Gopher. Gopher cartoon from Learning to use the Internet book. The JellybeanStyling Bean in NES palette and resolution:
The JellybeanStyling Bean colored with the classic Apple rainbow colors:
July 28, 2018 Interesting list of color palettes. And a bunch of other cool stuff. EGA was always enough.
July 27, 2018 Updated PHP web hosted gopher parser. Bug fixes. It likely only works with gophernicus. I'm no longer scrubbing the code. You can change what you like or use it as is--looking like an amiga window, secret jellybean included. PHP Gopher Parsing Sourcecode I have removed the main page as I feel it's redundant. Everything I post will be here in the Phlog. I updated the logo as well.
Links to old content: About Gopher Gopher Related Programming Mac stuff: Western Digital RED HDD Icon Crucial SSD Icon
VHD Creator ADF Bench - Open Amiga ADFs on MacOS Windows stuff: Amiga Conversion Kit Screenshot BeOS and Haiku stuff: Shredder MorphOS stuff: MorphOS FAT32 Backup Guide June 1, 2018 You can encyrpt your pagefile in Windows. Open an elevated command prompt, and enter: fsutil behavior set EncryptPagingFile 1 May 11, 2018 Updated favicon for the web version of this site. JellybeanStyling May 11, 2018 Updated PHP web hosted gopher parser. Bug fixes. It likely only works with gophernicus. PHP Gopher Parsing Sourcecode May 8, 2018 Updated PHP web hosted gopher parser. No longer required cURL to have gopher support built in. PHP Gopher Parsing Sourcecode May 8, 2018 Just another reason to drop 'social media' and post from your own platform, like a Gopher site. "Social media copies gambling methods 'to create psychological cravings' Methods activate ?same brain mechanisms as cocaine? and leads to users experiencing ?phantom? notification buzzing, experts warn" Guardian Link Jan 11, 2018 All about Amiga viruses with updated virus protection software. Virus Help Denmark Jan 9, 2018 A great set of Amiga OS2/3 cursors for Windows. Amiga Cursors for Windows Jan 8, 2018 Added Canadian weather alerts via shell scripting. There appears to be some kind of timeout in Gophernicus if a script takes too long to process. Lead to a lot of interesting debugging. Canadian Weather Alerts Jan 8, 2018 Added a Gophernicus Hit Counter for Gopher Holes to the Programming section. It is based on the example in the Gophernicus documentation, but is much more understandable and ready to use. For those more adventurous, you can use the example to create all sorts of interesting dynamic content for your gopher hole. Gophernicus Hit Counter Jan 8, 2018 Updated PHP web hosted gopher parser. Fixed plain text file issue. PHP Gopher Parsing Sourcecode Jan 7, 2018 The WWW version of this site is now more retro-friendly. No CSS requirements, no scripting, and HTML 3.2 only. HTML 3.2 Spec HTML 3.2 Spec PDF Jan 7, 2018 "Meanwhile, in Europe, the entire Amiga floppy collection of the Belgian cracking group Bamiga Sector One has been recovered and a great guy named Simon will be imaging them." Twitter Link Jan 7, 2018 Old school txt files from the 80s/90s BBS era. Jan 7, 2018 A great retrocomputing podcast, probably one of the best. Retrocomputing Round Table Jan 7, 2018 80x31 Web Buttons local mirror. 80x31 Web Buttons Jan 4, 2018 Well, its all over kiddies. Spectre and Meltdown Attack Dec 29, 2017 New iOS gopher client available! Gopher Browser Dec 28, 2017 New Amiga gopher client available! Gopher Dec 28, 2017 If you are using a script to SCP files with sshpass, be sure to accept the key from the remote host via a normal ssh connection before trying the script. Dec 25, 2017 Merry Christmas! Oct 20, 2017 Finally got around to some new updates. I also added a new RGB glitch effect to the web version of this phlog. Here are some interesting retro websites I found: GeoCities Reborn as NeoCities: NeoCities WIBY, a retro site search engine: Wiby Search All the 88x31 old school buttons you could ever want or need: 88x31 Buttons May 21, 2017 The Andy Project The idea was to re-create some of Andy Warhol's art pieces on an Amiga, well, an emulated Amiga, using appropriate tools, as pixel-accurately as possible. Andy Project Information Run the Andy Warhol Project Amiga Recreations May 7, 2017 WHM Admins - Sick of LFD warning you when you are doing legitimate work on your CPANEL server? Add you ip to csf.ignore for an instant fix. You can do it via the CSF GUI. It is in whm->plugins->ConfigServer Security & Firewall Look for Quick Ignore, click the gear, then click the Quick Ignore button.
May 7, 2017 PHP GOPHER PHLOG PARSER UPDATE A php gopher parser to post phlog updates to a webpage. SEND BUG AND SECURITY REPORTS TO: Now supports the following map elements: g GIF I IMAGE (images are displayed inline) 0 TEXT h HTML LINKS 9 Binary Links 1 Directories and Redirection PHP Gopher Parsing Sourcecode May 6, 2017
How to REALLY fix the "The Messages database is being upgraded, please wait while it finishes or Quit Messages and relaunch it later." error after clearing ~/Library/Messages/ in OSX. Open Terminal. cd ~/Library/Messages/ touch chat.db chat.db-wal chat.db-shm That's it. May 6, 2017 Another reason to phlog on Gopher: Do a web search for "facebook is making you unhappy" in your favourite search engine. Also the fact that facebook is now targeting individuals with mental health problems. From the Guardian: Teenagers perturbed by Facebook surveillance Secret psychological experiment on users
Advertisers identify teens feeling insecure and worthless April 17, 2017 My PHP Gopher Parser to repost my Phlog on my regular web site is now more or less complete. It supports inlining images and links to both text and html links for both local and remote gopher servers. PHP Gopher Parsing Sourcecode April 17, 2017 I continue to work on a PHP Gopher Parser to repost my Phlog on my regular web site. PHP Gopher Parsing Sourcecode April 16, 2017 Finally got around to setting up a Gopher Server again. I'm hoping I will be able to posting interesting content and links.
GOPHER TIP: Only use ONE tab between items in a gophermap.
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