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Welcome to Floodgap Systems' official gopher server.	1
Floodgap has served the gopher community since 1999	1
(formerly ** OVER 15 YEARS SERVING YOU! **	1	1
We run Bucktooth 0.2.9 on xinetd as our server system.	1 is an IBM Power 520 Express with a 2-way	1
4.2GHz POWER6 CPU and 8GB of RAM, running AIX 6.1 +patches.	1
Send your questions and suggestions.	1	1
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**               Plain text is beautiful!                **	1
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Does this gopher menu look correct?
(plus using the Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy)	1
Super-Dimensional Fortress: SDF Gopherspace
Get your own Gopherspace and shell account!	1	1
--- Getting started with Gopher -----------------------------------	1
Getting started with gopher, software, more
(what is Gopherspace? We tell you! And find out how	1
to create your own Gopher world!)	1	1
Using your web browser to explore Gopherspace
(useful tips for gopher newbies, updated 14 April 2015)	1	1
The Overbite Project: Gopher clients for mobile and desktop (OverbiteFF, Overbite Android)
(download gopher add-ons for Mozilla Firefox/SeaMonkey,	1
mobile clients for Android and more! Put Gopherspace on	1
your mobile phone or desktop computer!)	1
Other Gopher clients for various platforms	1
--- Find and search for other Gopher sites on the Internet --------	1
Search Gopherspace with Veronica-2
or search all known titles in Gopherspace with V-2 from here:	1	1
All the gopher servers in the world (that we know of)
(updated with robot updates)	1
New Gopher servers since 1999
(updated 9 February 2018)	1	1
--- Get news, weather and more through Gopherspace ----------------	1
Weather maps and forecasts via Floodgap Groundhog
(USA and Australia; updates occur throughout the day)	1
News and headline feeds via Flood Feeds
(updates occur daily/regularly)	1
Most current Floodgap news feeds
(today's most updated news and headlines)	1
Caltrans California highway conditions
(hourly updates on California highway conditions)	1
(updated on access)	1	1
--- File archives and downloads -----------------------------------	1
Floodgap File Archives and Mirrors
(includes external archives and historical files,	1
Walnut Creek CP/M-Osborne-Commodore-Beehive archives,	1
Info-Mac, classic Mac software and more)	1	1
--- Fun, games, and other neat things -----------------------------	1
Floodgap Gopher Fun and Games
(with xkcd, the Gopher Figlet gateway and the Gopher	1
 Shortener Service)	1
Floodgap users and staff gopher pages
(the usual gang of idiots)	1
The New GopherVR: A Virtual Reality View of Gopherspace
(version 0.5.1 released 24 October 2015)	1	1
--- Server software behind the scenes -----------------------------	1
The Bucktooth gopher server
(version 0.2.9 released 1 May 2011)	1	1
--- Gopherspace advocacy and activism -----------------------------	1
Floodgap Gopher Statistics Project
(monthly traffic analysis of the Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy	1
for community advocacy purposes; updates monthly)	1	1
--- Floodgap specific ---------------------------------------------	1
Yes, is the same as
The Floodgap Free Software License
Where's Floodgap? (not for hatemail ;-)
What's the temperature in the Floodgap server room?
"/usr/bin/tail" our gopher server log
RIP, Master gopher at University of Minnesota
WWW: (Web pages)	1
Please note that this gopher is now an independent	1
entity and is no longer affiliated with Point Loma	1